Grab your popcorn: The Venifce Film Festival will now feature an AI film in September 2023

Grab your popcorn
White mirror is a collaborative effort from 10 different film creators who will use a range of generative AI tools to razzle dazzle your screens.
White Mirror is a showcase anthology comprised of 10 short films made by artist-led ‘Groupings,’ each of which will focus on a different aspect of a meta-story concerning human- machine interaction. Each Collective has access to the most advanced AI technologies from Open AI, Midjourney, and Google Cloud. An animated film costs and over $10,000 every second, yet White Mirror costs less than $10,000 per minute. Tabitha Swanson, set designer Tino
Schaedler, plus director Paul Trillo were the initial four AI filmmakers to sign on.
What you need to know!
CHAPTR has collaborated with Saatchi’s The Culture DAO, a guild of AI Game and AI Movie creators (sic). CEO Philipp Nastaly characterizes CHAPTR as “a business developer or investment studio that is dedicated on investigating and really constructing new media business strategies resulting from the two primary paradigm changes that we now witness in media. One seems to be web3, or the social economy, which involves individuals joining together, aligned around a shared purpose, and then making that fantastic idea a reality without the need for an intermediary.”
CHATPR Design Director Mario Clement noted in a statement that an “AI movie for us implies the existence of a writer producer. In this situation, the writer-director may be similar to a storyteller in that they may make the entire violent movie alone. That, I believe, represents a significant shift for this once-expensive art form.
Every imaginable application would be evaluated when AI reaches the pinnacle of exaggerated expectations. The mind races as one considers the implications of generative AI for science, engineering, health, education, business, media, and many other areas. Moreover, as we just witnessed with XR technologies, it is typically artists who are the first to explore with new technology in order to create more effective stories.
In conclusion…
The inclusion of an AI-generated film at the Venice Film Festival in September 2023 represents a significant milestone in the development of both the film industry and artificial intelligence technology. The use of AI to create films opens up new possibilities for storytelling and provides filmmakers with new tools to express their vision. The decision to feature an AI film at one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals also reflects the growing acceptance of AI as a legitimate tool for artistic expression. While there may be concerns about the impact of AI on the creative process, the Venice Film Festival’s decision to showcase an AI film demonstrates that there is room for collaboration between humans and machines in the world of film. As AI technology continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to see how filmmakers and audienc es alike embrace this new form of storytelling.



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