Spotify’s new AI DJ: A hit or just a modern cringe radio station?

Google, Bing, and ChatGPT, beware: Spotify is indeed the newest technological business to introduce a significant new AI capability. And it’s something entirely new: an AI DJ.
The DJ, which employs personalization technologies, generative AI, and an AI voice, is now accessible to Premium subscribers in the United States and Canada. To utilize Spotify’s AI DJ, launch the app and navigate to the “audio” section. Next, on the DJ card, tap anywhere on the wide blue rectangle. Tap the circular symbol in the bottom right corner to change the genre of the songs the DJ is performing.
The Desktop Version
The firm intends to improve the client experience by using AI technology, which is now trending quite well. Spotify’s new OpenAI powered DJ allows users to build personalised playlists while participating in real time, similar to having your personal radio show. Therefore, let’s look at the procedure to acquire Spotify AI DJ in more detail.
This functionality is currently only accessible in phone applications, although you can utilise Spotify AI DJ on Computer. The AI DJ may be accessed on a laptop by first running it on a mobile device and afterwards selecting the laptop as the audio stream’s target. This option is normally found in the bottom left corner of your phone’s screen.
How does the Technology work?
Spotify acquired Sonantic, the artificial intelligence language platform that created the voice recognition technology used to generate Val Kilmer’s voice in Top Gun: Maverick, the year before. As a result, it was obvious that Spotify could find a means of integrating the technology into its streaming music platform and so present its consumers with innovative sensations.
The AI DJ, according to Spotify, will play new releases as well as revisit old favorites, maybe reviving a music you haven’t seen for a while. After you tell it about the kind of music you enjoy, it will assess your preferences and begin to play you a customized playlist. Additionally, the lineup is changed on a regular basis in response to user feedback.
Those tunes from your past may be the most eerie aspect of the DJ. Rather than allowing you purposefully explore past tracks when and if you’re ready, the DJ informs you of them regardless you want it or not, according to the representative. It will sift through the current music and revisit some of your old favorites, maybe reviving a song you haven’t heard in years. It will then analyses your preferences and generate a playlist of music tailored just to you. Furthermore, it regularly updates the lineup based on your response.

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