Business Automation

Intelligent process automation – In the quest of digital transformation, minimize the commonplace and focus on higher-value operations.

Why companies rely on business automation services

The idea here is to free up human resources from mundane and repetitive chores, enabling them to concentrate on more critical and core company operations. Customer invoicing, customer assistance, and staff training are some of the domains where automation may be beneficial and is extensively employed. With competition growing out there, all sorts of organizations are seeking methods to enhance their results and obtain a competitive advantage. Automating the procedure may be quite beneficial in this race because it delivers several benefits to a firm in terms of increased earnings and consumers.

Business Automation Services Use Cases

Our intelligent process automation includes a suite of different tools that can replicate your business activities and, overtime, continually improve.
Supply Chain Management
We create apps that monitor inventory levels, automate low stock alerting, manage supplier portals, and monitor both supplier and customer journeys.
Sales and Marketing
Develop smart sales funnels with automated marketing content creation and distribution, lead nurturing, and lead management platforms.
Account Management
Our business automation tool can assist companies with effective contract management, AP/AR tracking, expense reports, tax calculations, and all types of invoicing.
Customer Services
We help you automate customer management with self-service portals, email automation, communications, and support ticketing systems.
HR Management
We help you automate HR functions like document management, candidate sourcing, applicant tracking, onboarding and off-boarding, and training and development.
Measuring and Forecasting
We put data at the heart of your growth and expansion plans by deriving smart analytics that help leaders make calculated decisions.

Why Choose Custom Software Development from Vixion

Our team cements a partnership with every client and utilizes only novel solutions to solve tough business challenges.
Tailored Solutions

Everything is built to fully customize your existing infrastructure and limitations.

Easily Integra table

We have no restrictions on environments or languages used, meaning we fit right in

State-of-the-art models

We use up-to-date, top-of-the industry models and software that are proven to drive results.

Constant Support

All of our tools, technologies, culture, and processes are designed to handle client needs with responsiveness.


Open Source Networking

Vendor Solutions

Programming Languages

The languages we use to speak with our machines on a daily basis.

Data Analytics

Core analytics tools we use to bring intelligence to our projects.

Data Visualization

Numbers are hard to understand, they need to shine with a story.


Information needs to preserved. we handle a wide variety of database to transform raw data into actionable knowledge.


From conceptual consulting to production code, we handle a wide set of tools to bring your project to live.

Cloud & Edge

On the cloud, premises, or on the edge. You name it. Some environments we have used to deploy our projects.

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