The truth about the marriage between AI and coding: should programmers worry about their future?

The question of whether artificial intelligence (AI) can replace human beings is a complex and intriguing one that warrants careful consideration. It is ironic to ponder whether the very innovations and intelligent systems that humans have created could eventually replace or even surpass their creators and programmers. The concept of such a possibility seems reminiscent […]

The Twitter Saga: AI creates stunning artwork based on trending twitter topics

In an innovative initiative called “The Art of Trending” by Woods Art Institute, located in Hamburg, Germany, cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology is harnessed to generate captivating art pieces in real-time using the trending hashtags on Twitter. The internet and social media have granted us unparalleled access to worldwide conversations, fads, and current events in real-time. […]

Love, Space, and Robots? GITAI creates a stunning demo of a lunar environment for their new robots

GITAI, a promising space robotics start-up based in the US, has made a significant leap forward in the race to establish a lunar base by conducting a successful demonstration. The demonstration involved the use of two cutting-edge inchworm-type robotic arms and two state-of-the-art ‘Lunar Robotic Rovers’ in a simulated lunar environment. The impressive feat saw […]

Artificial Intelligence and the Medical Industry: Breakthroughs and What Not!

Scientists have utilized machine learning for the very first time to design brand-new enzymes, which are molecules that speed up chemical processes. This is a significant step forward in the science of protein design since novel enzymes might have several applications in health and industrial manufacture. Biological beings are exceptional chemists. Instead of using harmful […]