Computer Vision

We incorporate computer vision services and develop models to detect and categorize certain places, people, and items in order to collect important data and perform analytics.

Why businesses rely on computer vision services

The greatest distinguishing feature of humans is their ability to see. When given the capacity to see, computer vision can successfully accomplish all of the jobs that a human operator can, but with more precision and accuracy. Computer vision streamlines the entire procedure, saving humans time and effort, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to engage fewer people and save expenditure on human resources. It increases efficiency through improved examination and evaluation of commodities, resulting in a higher investment return.

Computer Vision Services Use Cases

To meet changing client needs across the world, we host a team of experts fluent in object classification, feature recognition, pattern recognition, and so on.
Face Recognition
To correctly validate identification, our developed AI models with face detection service detect and compute numerous facial representations.
Optical Character Recognition
To correctly validate identification, our developed AI models with face detection service detect and compute numerous facial representations.
Emotion Recognition
We can develop computer vision models that can help you track consumer emotions about your product through both image and video.
Image Processing
Classify your photos and seize command of your data sets while providing massive data sets to your computer vision programs.
Video Analytics
We conduct intelligent video analysis to extract meaningful insights, alerts, and end-to-end reporting.
Object Detection
Custom models smart enough to recognize specific items in a given image as well as their bounding box may be added to your enterprise-level programmes.

Why Choose Custom Software Development from Vixion

Our team cements a partnership with every client and utilizes only novel solutions to solve tough business challenges.
Tailored Solutions

Everything is built to fully customize your existing infrastructure and limitations.

Easily Integra table

We have no restrictions on environments or languages used, meaning we fit right in

State-of-the-art models

We use up-to-date, top-of-the industry models and software that are proven to drive results.

Constant Support

All of our tools, technologies, culture, and processes are designed to handle client needs with responsiveness.


Open Source Networking

Vendor Solutions

Programming Languages

The languages we use to speak with our machines on a daily basis.

Data Analytics

Core analytics tools we use to bring intelligence to our projects.

Data Visualization

Numbers are hard to understand, they need to shine with a story.


Information needs to preserved. we handle a wide variety of database to transform raw data into actionable knowledge.


From conceptual consulting to production code, we handle a wide set of tools to bring your project to live.

Cloud & Edge

On the cloud, premises, or on the edge. You name it. Some environments we have used to deploy our projects.

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