Data Mining

We use data mining to segment and analyze big data from different sources and combine these findings into meaningful business intelligence.

Why businesses rely on data mining services

Data mining allows enterprises to track their success by utilizing consumer data, financial data, and organizational data. It is the ideal technique for obtaining important information from big commercial databases. Coupled with our AI solutions, we can create custom machine learning models that help you digitize day-to-day operations. At, we arrange a harmonious marriage between data and technology to drive success.

Data Mining Services Use Cases

Working as a full-service partner for our clients, our data mining services cater to a wide range of use cases for both startups and SMBs
Web Data Mining
We harness data from the internet to identify growth trends and patterns.
Image Processing
Our range of services includes automated feature extraction, filtering, change detection, and prioritization.
Social Media Data Mining
We extract actionable patterns by playing around with big data from user-generated content across all social media channels.
Open Source Extraction
We use bespoke open source data extraction technique to scrap text, images, emails, and even URLs across your target websites.
SQL Data Processing
We leverage different algorithms along with EM and K-means cluster models, neural networks, and classifiers to evaluate your models.
Lead Generation
We generate, segment, refine, and deliver leads that help your business acquire new customers in global markets.

Why Choose Data Mining from Vixion

Our team cements a partnership with every client and utilizes only novel solutions to solve tough business challenges.
Tailored Solutions

Everything is built to fully customize your existing infrastructure and limitations.

Easily Integra table

We have no restrictions on environments or languages used, meaning we fit right in

State-of-the-art models

We use up-to-date, top-of-the industry models and software that are proven to drive results.

Constant Support

All of our tools, technologies, culture, and processes are designed to handle client needs with responsiveness.


Open Source Networking

Vendor Solutions

Programming Languages

The languages we use to speak with our machines on a daily basis.

Data Analytics

Core analytics tools we use to bring intelligence to our projects.

Data Visualization

Numbers are hard to understand, they need to shine with a story.


Information needs to preserved. we handle a wide variety of database to transform raw data into actionable knowledge.


From conceptual consulting to production code, we handle a wide set of tools to bring your project to live.

Cloud & Edge

On the cloud, premises, or on the edge. You name it. Some environments we have used to deploy our projects.

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