Prediction Models

Deploy a custom prediction model for your business and leverage real-time insights to make intelligent and impactful business decisions

Why businesses
Why businesses

Why your business needs predictive models

In general, predictive model refers to a process that leverages data and stats to predict all sorts of outcomes with the help of data models. Data modeling is capable of predicting outcomes from TV ratings to business expenditures.

Our predictive analytics has come of age as a core enterprise practice necessary to sustain competitive advantage. We enable technology to enact a wholly new phase of enterprise evolution by applying organizational learning, which empowers the business to grow by deploying a unique form of data-driven risk management across multiple fronts.

Predictive models for diverse use cases

Harness the true value of emerging technologies with an expert team that can handle any business case.

Inventory Forecasting

Predict and eliminate inventory shortages and optimize space to boost ROI.

Sales Funnel Optimization

Optimize your sales funnel and get deep analytics to increase your conversions.

Value Optimization

Capture customer data and interactions to increase LTV by learning your customers behavior.

Buyer Intent Models

Use patterns from customers to target the right buyers with the right offers.

Risk Calculation Models

Pair deep prediction analytics with sentiment analysis to build HFTs.

Social Analytics

Use ROI based profiles to target the highest quality people.

Why Choose Predictive Services from Vixion

Our team cements a partnership with every client and utilizes only novel solutions to solve tough business challenges.

Tailored Solutions

Everything is built to fully customize your existing infrastructure and limitations.

Easily Integra table

We have no restrictions on environments or languages used, meaning we fit right in

State-of-the-art models

We use up-to-date, top-of-the industry models and software that are proven to drive results.

Constant Support

All of our tools, technologies, culture, and processes are designed to handle client needs with responsiveness.


Open Source Networking


Vendor Solutions

open v switch

Programming Languages

The languages we use to speak with our machines on a daily basis.


Data Analytics

Core analytics tools we use to bring intelligence to our projects.

tensor flow
scikit learn

Data Visualization

Numbers are hard to understand, they need to shine with a story.