Accelerating your business transformation journey from data to value

Technology and consumer preferences are rapidly evolving. Keeping pace with these needs requires a strong technology partner. Our AI services make your business future-ready by reducing operational risks and improving scalability.


Our Services

In the age of digitization, data is the new gold. We harness this data by identifying feasible use cases of AI deployments in your company that maximize business outcomes
We design and develop custom prediction models for a range of diverse client needs like demand prediction, customer churn prediction, predictive maintenance, predictive manufacturing, and scoring models.
We harmonize the relationship between A1, ML, and linguistics and deliver applications capable of semantic searching, speech recognition, information extraction, end-to-end translation, spam control, and general question answering
Real-time image and video analytics, text and sentiment analysis solutions, and the all-time classic face and object detection models can help you modernize your workspace
Our business intelligence solutions enable businesses to use data tactically with intelligence decision making, data mining and information discovery, business analytic standardization, business forecasting, and continuous improvement.
We have a team of full-stack engineers capable of handling any type of frontend or backend requirement to deliver feature — rich mobile and web applications
In simpler terms, we help you create different sets of approaches, techniques, tools, and methodologies that enable reliable and efficient prediction and operations management within the machine learning environment

We Help, Support, and Elevate

Emerging Startups

We use intelligent and incredibly powerful algorithms that help startups like yours stand a fighting chance in increasingly competitive markets. Improve workplace productivity, streamline processes, and harness big data—all with AI.

Small And Medium Sized Enterprises (SME)

Our AI and machine-learning techniques are tailored to intensify your enterprise performance, increase sales, lower customer acquisition costs, automate customer governance, improve supplier management, reduce risks and advance data collection & processing.

Large-Scale Enterprises

Partnering with Vixion AI supercharges your enterprise data exploration process with a methodical, phased approach built on a foundation of trusted data. We help you unleash new opportunities with state-of-the-art, secure, and reliable technology services


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